Why You Will Want To Work With Me Personally If You Are Serious About Creating A Boss Sacking
Income From Info Products …

Dear Freedom Seeker,

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If you are looking for the keys to creating your own information products and launching an information products marketing business then its important that you get the right advice. There are lots of people out there selling products and courses on how to sell info products … but is that what you really need right now?

After helping hundreds of people create info products I know from experience that what you really need to be successful in info marketing and starting an online business is the right advice, coaching and mentoring to guide you to success.

Let me share with you a little about my background …

Around fifteen years ago I was stuck in job I hated.

I had a boss who sucked and was always grinding my soul.

I was determined to make some changes in my life. So I sat down on my lunch break one day and started setting some goals. One of them was to start my own business online and become free at last.

Then it occurred to me. What would be really handy would be a goal setting template.

So I created a simple goal setting workbook full of templates.

And I started giving it away online from a simple website. Now keep in mind this was fifteen years ago … long time before wordpress, youtube, Facebook etc.

An Amazing Thing Happened – That First Info Product Started Attracting People To Me Like Crazy!

In no time I had given that little workbook away to tens of thousands of people and built a list.

It wasn’t long before I started selling MP3 programs on goal setting, wrote an ebook, created teleseminars, real world seminars and then high ticket offerings like coaching and licensing my seminars and coaching programs to other coaches around the world.

One little info product led me to being able to sack the boss and have freedom.

Then shortly after that a friend approached me about a network marketing business.

I was excited about the product but not excited about making a list of my family and friends to try and convince them they should join me in it.

So I wrote a simple little report titled “Escape The Rat Race” and started giving it away.

And it attracted people to me like crazy!

From one little info report I built a down line of 4,800 + people in 23 countries and we did over $1.6 million in sales in the first 18 months.

This is a pic of me speaking to one of our teams in Denmark:

Free Report For Associates_html_64fbc646

One Little Info Report Led Me To Build A Highly Successful Business.

So I took what I learned a started a full time marketing consultancy business teaching small business owners how to more effectively market their business.

Over the next 8 years I coached and trained thousands of small business owners how to get better results in their business.

And I created high end training programs like these:



      logo_1496637_print-1-300x69 (1)


Client Surge

Clients would pay me between $5,000 to $20,000 to work with them as their coach or consultant because of the information products I had created which positioned me as an expert in the field.

Rod Moore Speaking

Would you be interested in learning how to charge as much as $5,000 for coaching?

I can show you not only how to find and attract such clients but how to have them literally lining up wanting to work with you … and it all starts with building a successful information marketing business.

I had such great success with information products that I even decided to apply all I had learnt with one of my passions in life …

Launched a TV Show With Another Info Products Business

Yep … one day I had a crazy idea to launch a TV show teaching people how to paint which is one of my passions in life.

So I talked my wife into the idea as my co-presenter and we approached the TV networks.

Ten weeks later our new TV show was being broadcast all around Australia and New Zealand.

Here is one of the episodes for you:

This led to the launch of Moore Art School and a range of other information products including home study courses, DVD’s, a DVD of Month Club, and I started a certified art teacher course and licensed my courses to other art teachers.

Here are some of the info products that make me money on autopilot today:

DVD_of_Month_-_Two_Gums_Valley3                   DVD_-_Two_Gums_Valley2


So as you can see when it comes to Information Products, both creating and selling, I have pretty much done it all.

Everything from written reports, ebooks, MP3 courses, video courses, home study programs, webinars, seminars, one on one and group coaching, consulting, licensing and creating certification programs.

Not only that I have helped my coaching clients to launch their successful information products businesses as well.

Now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to build your information marketing business?

Are you ready once and for all to create an online income stream that can be largely automated attracting new clients and large amounts of cash to you each week and month?

Are you finally ready to break free from the rat race and sack your boss once and for all?

If you are then I can help.

Simple get in touch with me and we can schedule a time to chat on the phone or via skype. During our call I will let you know if and how I can help you to finally achieve the online success you have been looking for.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.Rod Moore


Rod Moore
Simple Info Profits.

By the way … I like to keep things as simple and as easy as possible when it comes to launching an information marketing business. That way we can get you to profit and making money in the shortest possible time.

I will share with you how to do it when we chat on the phone.